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Apophyllite from India

Apophyllite from India

SKU: 9876-26

Apophyllite crystal is spiritually strong and has an incredibly high vibration. It’s a soul star stone that uses the masculine and feminine energies of divine white light. It can help to project you to places of astral travel and deep insight.

It is believed to calm the mind and be a cleanser of negative thoughts. 

Apophyllite holds a high-water content that brings its ability to conduct electricity and always charged with energy that will send gentle healing, remove blockages, ensure that your heart and your head stay clear and connected to your feelings to relieve stress and anxiety. Apophyllite is also known for its ability to tap into hidden psychic powers, clairvoyance and visions by linking spirit and truth.

For those ready and open to deepen your spiritual practices, then this is the stone for you!

Apophyllite connects to the heart chakra to give openness, giving and receiving universal and self love with ease. This stone will connect you to the third eye chakra, where our infinite wisdom resides as well as the crown chakra to give you the key to unlock your own inner gate into the cosmic world.

Any Gemini who needs a more grounding or tuning in will love this stone!

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