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Eudalite (Polished) & .999 Fine Silver necklace - Large -

Eudalite (Polished) & .999 Fine Silver necklace - Large -

SKU: 21000-03

Eudialyte, whose name derives from the Greek phrase eu dialytos, which means "well decomposable", and is somewhat rare. It forms in alkaline igneous rocks, such as nepheline syenites and it's name alludes to its ready solubility in acid.

Eudialyte provides life force and protection to those who have it. This stone has a strong impression on the emotional body and it opens us to the wisdom of the heart. We are taught how to work on ourselves, heal and balance the emotions by wearing this. It opens the Heart Chakra, allowing us to receive and communicate love. The most notable place Eudalite can be found is in Kola Peninsula in Russia although it can also be found in different colors and styles in Greenland or Canada. 

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