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Tektite Meteorite - per gram

Tektite Meteorite - per gram

SKU: 9876-23
1 Ounce

Tektites are amorphous glass that are mainly composed of silicon dioxide. They do not contain the crystallites found in obsidian. Tektite stones have some characteristic inclusions that are round or torpedo-shaped bubbles or honey-like swirls. Tektites rate a 5 on the Mohs hardness scale and they have a vitreous luster.

Tektites have been the subject of intense scientific inspection through a lot of the 20th century and of their unknown and possibly extraterrestrial origins. They are now recognized as having formed from the melting and rapid cooling of terrestrial rocks that have been vaporized by the high-energy impacts of large meteorites, comets, or asteroids upon the surface of Earth. With the very high temperatures and high pressures generated by the impacts that have melted the rocks at these sites, they produce clouds of molten silicate droplets that are quickly cooled to a glassy form before falling back to Earth.

Tektites have been believed to bring good luck to those who are trying to bear children. 

The stone is believed to also balance male and female energies within the wearer. protect the wearer from evil which is why many people like to wear these stones around their necks or as rings.

The wearers could possess many healing powers and it is hought to aid in grounding to the wearer which can rid negative energy and bring safety and security to them. It is said to be a stone that can help the wearer release negative past experiences, while remembering important lessons that are learned in life by concentrating on those experiences it can enhance spiritual growth and insight to a specifi experience.

Tektite enhances communication with other realms which acts as a link between creative energy and matter. This can aid the capillaries and circulation, reduce fever, and prevent the transmission of diseases in the physical body.

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