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Come on down! New rock shop in town in August 2022

Rock N’ Roll Prospecting and Jewelry is a family-owned holistic business with the highest hankerin’ to create unique jewelry and cabochons for personal healing powers of the earth to every Being of Light. There is truth that it is possible to heal ourselves through the natures of our earth. The energy that flows from every organic thing whether water, wind, fire, air, or earth has a tremendous purpose. Prospectors of Rock N’ Roll Jewelry have traveled far and wide in search of the many rocks, gems and minerals for the purpose of being chosen by one of our customers. Our mom-and-pop shop is stimulating to all, and our prospected items sold here is responsibly sourced. As a locally owned business we strive to maintain a oneness with the Earth and all who reside in it therefore offering holistic and metaphysical products for healthy living and to provide knowledge of what we have been given from our very own Mother Earth.

check out our NEW rock, gem and mineral brick-and-mortar shop progression...

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