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Our personal healing POWER of the Earth!

There is truth that it is possible to heal ourselves through nature of our Earth. The energy that comes from every natural being whether water, wind, fire, air and earth. The trees and the things growing from the earth, the particles in our air, the nutrients in our organic waters and the rocks with their healing forces all have powers to create a form of medicine to our mind, body and soul. There are many different types of rocks, gems and minerals that are each filled with their very own healing aspects and benefits. The ancients knew this and used this.

Our bodies are an amazing and intelligent vessel with energies of vibrations. We are receptive to the healing power of rocks, gems and minerals. We can feel deeper within ourselves the vibrations of that power surge and use it for healing. Rocks, Gems and Minerals are formed deep within our earth, they have weathered through the water, wind, fire, air and earth and they contain many millions of years, worth of wisdom which have specific properties designed for healing. You must be able to grasp the understanding of each one’s unique ability and healing effective purpose to understand the intention for which to use the stones.

I urge you to take advantage of this beautiful way of life to be able to heal yourselves as you carry a necklace or cabochon of crystal, jade, jasper, carnelian or agate found independently by Rock N' Roll Prospectors & Jewelry.

SAT NAM! (The truth is within me, a vibration to heal.)

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Beautiful words, Shawna! Magical and magnificent powers flow through our bodies. We are reverently and wonderfully made. I'm very proud of you! Make your dream come true, baby. Much love always. Mom

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